Other Articles by Patricia

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Below, you can find a list of some pieces I’ve written for external sites:

For the Martlet Newspaper

How to Change the World (Without Making it Worse): 4 Tips for Ethical Voluntourism

For The Rebelution: (A website for Christian teens)

Four Reasons to Stop Talking About Cute Guys or Girls

Twelve Steps to Recovering from Self-Addiction 

Five Ways to Excel in Your Summer Job

Five Ways to Start Shaping the Adult You Will Become

Three Reasons to Do Scary Things

For Waiting for Your Boaz: (A site beloved by Christian women)

Mrs. Proverbs 31’s Ageless Advice for Singles

Seven Hallmarks of Courageous Women

Escaping Guydolatry 

For Faithit.com, a Christian entertainment website:

Why I Wrote Down 1541 Memories in One Year