Equipping Students Video

A Video Message to the Church from Canadian Christian Students

When I asked Christian students in Canada how churches could support them, I didn’t expect this to be the answer. I also didn’t expect that same answer to resurface in interviews across the next three continents I visited. Yet, the message I first heard in these video interviews with students and campus ministry leaders rang true around the world: Christian students want and need connections with godly older adults who will pray with them, answer their questions and mentor them.

Now, I’d like to let you hear that message from the students themselves. This footage represents the very first interviews from my mission to travel 360° around the world in 180 days. After filming them, I decided my phone camera and limited video editing tech weren’t up to the task of continuing with video interviews for the rest of the trip, so I switched to solely written reports. But despite the shaky screen and echoey voices, the message is loud and clear. I hope you enjoy!





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