Twas the week before finals: An ode to student life

‘Twas the week before finals; the big ones were coming.
Away on the table, my laptop was humming–
It had been for hours–my fingers kept hopping;
For ages, they typed a report without stopping.

But wait, I lean back, I’ve got finals to study!
Like physics and Spanish! I’ve got to get ready.
And ecology, cell bio, so much to do,
And psychology–wait, but I’ve got to sleep too.

Oh, look at the time! It’s no wonder I’m tired.
I turn out the lights, but my brain is too wired.
To promote neurogenesis, I’ve got to sleep,
So I’ll try that old standby, the counting of sheep.

If I count ’em in Spanish, that’s studying too,
Killing two birds at once. Yes, then that’s what I’ll do.
But wait, what’s the word in that language for “sheep?”
I know how to say “pigs” though–I’ll count those to sleep.

“Uno cerdo, dos cerdos…,” I count pigs instead
Until visions of physics tests dance in my head.
Have you ever dreamed physics? It’s painful, it’s true;
In the morning you wake and your head feels like glue.

Yes, the finals are coming. We students need prayer
From nice people like you guys who show us you care.
Then in two weeks, it’s OVER! and I’m outta here,
Going home and not thinking ’bout physics next year! 


[Originally written December 2015, in throes of second-year college.]

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